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Honore PORTO

A special wine was chosen to commemorate a unique date in the history of one of the oldest quintas in the Douro. “HONORE” is a very old tawny Port, over 100 years of age, from a very limited number of casks containing wines made before 1918, belonging to Constantino de Almeida’s private stock nurtured during three generations on the quinta.

A limited series of 400 bottles, the number of years the company is celebrating, was carefully blended for this special edition of “HONORE” Port. An outstanding wine beyond compare, a fair symbol to mark such a historic event.

Honore Douro Doc

Honore Douro, from the excellent harvest of 2015, when the estate completed its fourth centenary, is a blend of the two most prestigious table wine brands of Crasto, Vinha Maria Teresa and Vinha da Ponte.

1,615 magnum bottles of that wine were bottled in 2017, after twenty months ageing in oak barrels, thus combining the launch with the celebration of the centenary of the purchase and refoundation of Quinta do Crasto by Constantino de Almeida.



400 years celebration

There are two memorable dates in the long history of Quinta do Crasto, 1615 and 1918, inscribed on the old iron gate of the estate, which has been recently recovered.
The first date marks the establishment of the estate, from scattered properties at the location of Crasto. The second marks the moment of  acquisition of Quinta do Crasto by Constantino de Almeida, a wine merchant from Porto and an ancestor of the current owners.